30 Day Romanov Photo Challenge

Day 26: Saddest Romanov Death

The Murder of the Imperial Children

This is my third attempt at writing this post. Literally.

Many of the Romanov family members were killed by Bolshevik forces, most of them were adults.

Five of them were children. CHILDREN, people. Children who were innocent of their parents’ mistakes and their government’s crimes.

They had faces, names, and personalities. Their lives were cut short because they were faithful and obedient to their parents. They did not go to live with other relatives when their parents were put under house arrest and later in exile.

Olga was twenty-two (She was the same age as I am right now. I just realized this), Tatiana was twenty-one, Maria had just turned nineteen, Anastasia was seventeen, and Alexei was a month shy of being fourteen.

When the firing squad open fired on the group in the Ipatiev House basement,  OTMAA’s parents were instantly killed and Maria was wounded. They could see their parents lying dead on the floor. Then they were brutally murdered and buried in an unmarked grave.

They did not grow old. They did not have children. They did not die peacefully. 

But they will never be forgotten.

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